Come visit us: Sundays 11am 1800 Portland Ave. Louisville, KY 40203
Come visit us: Sundays 11am
Church of the Promise 1800 Portland Ave. Louisville, KY 40203

What does God’s Glory Look Like in Portland?

Missional Network

Like many inner-city neighborhoods in urban America, Portland faces some difficult challenges. We believe the best resources and solutions to overcome these challenges are found in the people who call Portland home. That’s one reason we place such a high value on intentional neighboring and networking with other churches, non-profit agencies and service providers that share our vision for community transformation.

There is never a simplistic answer to the problems in poor communities. Spiritual, social or educational strategies, standing alone only solve part of a larger problem. That’s why a holistic approach to ministry is crucial – an approach that addresses the spiritual, social, economic, political, emotional, physical and educational issues of each person. It goes without saying that one church, or one agency cannot address every need in a community. Hence Church of the Promise is committed to working side by side with our neighbors, other ministries and service providers that care about the common good of Portland. Some of our partner ministries include: Promise Community Development, The Table Café, Portland Promise Center, 29V and a growing number of amazing neighbors and local churches.

Promise Community Development

Promise Community Development is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with Church of the Promise to create innovative models of ministry where economic development, Christian discipleship and social entrepreneurism interface for the common good of Portland. We like to use the word “biz-nistry” to define this approach of operating a business as ministry. The Table Café is the first social entrepreneurial venture sponsored by Promise Community Development.

The Table

The Table is a non-profit social entrepreneurship that serves locally grown fresh food and operates under a pay-what-you-can model. They value a place where everyone is welcome, and provide creative payment solutions. Their mission is to provide a restaurant that serves locally grown food with amazing taste, at an affordable price, where all can enjoy the flavor of community.

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Portland Promise Center

The Portland Promise Center is a United Methodist Community Center that works in collaboration with Church of the Promise, sharing a common history, mission and vision. The primary focus of the Promise Center is children and youth development, education, building community and resourcing families in the Portland neighborhood.

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29V is a mission community; a band of Christians committed to living a life of service and love with God, for their neighbors and our world. Their vision is fourfold:

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